all year round in the Peak District National Park...

Photograph of the summit of Win Hill in Winter to illustrate the possibilities for corporate walks, orienteering sessions and map and compass work in te Hope Valley with Peak Activities Ltd. Copyright image.
The summit of Win Hill in WInter - looking towards Mam Tor.

Peak Activities' expert walking leaders, orienteering equipment
and mountain walking & safety equipment can be hired all year 
round to help you run safe guided Hill Walks, Hikes & Rambles in 
the Peak District National Park.   

This service is available for private client groups & individuals.  
We also run walking holidays and weekends which are minibus 
supported walking weekends open to the public on pre-arranged 
dates. These social events are very reasonably priced and are a 
great way to make new friends and meet up with like minded 
people and fellow walking enthusiasts.

Photo of Caroline Jennings using GP300 radio transceiver.  Peak Activities Ltd mountaineeing and walking leaders all are equipped with excellent radio and phone communications to keep them reliably in touch with customer and fellow staff when working out in the hills.      Peak Activities Limited Logo . Copyrighgt image.

All our walking leaders have over ten years experience 
of leading walking groups in the hills and valleys of
the Peak National Park - and all are fully qualified
rescue and emergency care wilderness first-aiders.
Caroline, pictured above, has over 30 years of
experience leading walks all year round in the
Peak District, Lake District and in the Alps.

Our excursion leaders will ensure you won't get lost whilst 
exploring some of the vast trackless & featureless parts of 
the Kinder Scout & Bleaklow plateaus, and they'll ensure too 
that you are well-equipped with all the necessary boots, maps 
& cagoules, compasses, thermos flasks, tea, etc.

"A great form of simple corporate hospitality."

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All Peak Activities walks are quite safe, but just in case 
of unforeseen eventualities, our centre's instructors carry 
radios & safety equipment.,,,and you'll be covered by our
centres £5 million Public and Third Party Liability Insurance.
Each leader also has advanced first-aid qualifications 
( such as the REC or Euian Jones Bangor scheme Mountain
First Aid Certificates). Some are our first aid instructors too, 
so you'll be in safe, experienced hands.

If you want to learn to use a GPS whilst you're out and about
just ask for a tutor who'll bring along a suitable satellite GPS.

   Telephone 01433-650345

Please call us on 01433-650345 to discuss how much it costs to 
hire our staff and minibuses to drop you off and pick you up from 
the start and finish points of your choice - on the date/s of your 
choice !  Most of our customers just book a single day of walking
to start with. However, we can arrange overnight accommodation 
for our walkers if you want a 2 or 3 day walk - and we can also 
provide sleeping bags and backpacking tents etc for those who
want to sleep out under the stars ! ( a popular choice for  those
doing longer walking challenges for charity fund raising events )


A walking group from RAF Cranwell with Lucy - one of centre's dogs....

Above : Members of RAF Cranwell's Engineering Squadron on the top of Mam Tor 
on a led mountain walking session in April 04. Our walking leader Caroline is one 
of our experienced walking guides.  Their group organiser later wrote : -
"Dear Iain, 

Thanks to you and especially to Caroline for leading my group 
yesterday. I have still to get the full feedback but early indications 
are very good. It is difficult to judge the first day out of this kind and 
given my mixed age ability group I think I can say it all went almost 
perfectly well. Some could have done more, some were well satisfied 
and felt a sense of achievement - most have already commented about 
returning with family and friends - that's got to be a good sign - it is for me. 

I will be passing on this information to colleagues both at work and at 
home and give your company as much exposure as I can. If you are ever 
at Cranwell please give us a bell (7529) and pop in for a brew. 


S A CROSON  Flt Lt -   Eng Flt Lt CMT,  RAF Cranwell.

Other RAF clients include 39 Squadron, RAF Marham and RAF Brampton.

Click here to see more unsolicited letters of thanks 
& lots of endorsements from other group organisers.

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Walking & exploring the Hope Valley area
Walking along the top of Stanage Edge
Walking & Scrambling in the Peak National Park
Scrambling for walkers in the Peak District National Park.
ORIENTEERING for groups visiting the Peak National Park
Walking the Lose Hill & Mam Tor Ridge Walk
PEAK ACTIVITIES can cater for groups large and small who want
professional help leading their upland walks and mountain hikes.
Ideal for corporate events, school visits and as part of a tailored
outdoor programme involving some of our other outdoor activities.
Prices and dates of our walking weekends open to the public.




    Ladybower Reservoir from Bamford Edge....
    River Deep, Mountain High !
    The great view walking above Ladybower along Bamford Edge
    Phone us on 01433-650345 if you'd like to discuss hiring one of our
    instructors to help you take care of your party whilst exploring the
    rich and varied scenery of the mountains, hills and dales of the
    wonderful Peak District National Park. We welcome enquiries from
    school party leaders, scout leaders, walking group organisers,
    parties of friends, overseas walking clubs & fellowship leaders.
    Our group walking leaders & guides are local residents with over
    25 years experience & offer a wide range of easy rambles & harder
    scrambles and tougher fell walks in the Peak District and elsewhere
    - all year round. Old and young are welcome ! We also offer hillcraft
    training and tougher climbing, scrambles, orienteering and caving
    and mountain biking trips too.
    Peak Activities Ltd's instructors can also offer cycling & abseiling
    and lots of other outdoor activities for the more adventurous.


Two of our walking leaders Dave ( far right ) and Andy 
( far left ) enjoying the sunshine on top of Mam Tor during 
a four-day residential programme we organised with this
grand bunch of keen police cadets from Lincolnshire Police 
Force. Part of this programme involved some intensive sessions 
of training in the use of maps and compasses in remote and 
trackless terrain.  The area around our centre includes vast
featureless moorlands, high ridge and plateaus, deep gorges
and huge panoramic views from ridge summits like this one.



Our centre is AALA Licensed and we can offer high & remote
walks to schools, scouts, youth groups and colleges, etc.
All of our activities are covered by our liability insurance cover
and all our instructors are fully qualified mountain leader first aiders.
Some of them are senior first aid tutors and examiners.


Sunset image - copyright Dr. Iain Jennings.
High up on Bleaklow - walking home as the sun starts to set...
As featured on national radio & television
Orienteering is another very popular pedestrian activity here for
groups too. Prices of walking events & trail quests and short
orienteering sessions for private groups start from only £69 per
person including insurance, boot & anorak & rucksac hire,
guiding & instruction & all necessary local transportation &
use of our centre's fleet of minibuses / taxis.
Walking weekends and hillcraft courses can be arranged
all year round for groups for as little as £90 per person. It's a
great way to get into rather remote and off-the beaten path
places without worrying about getting lost !



Walker on te edge of the Kinder Scout Plateau. Copyright image.
The Peak District National
Park is a walkers paradise.
Leading in all directions
from our doorstep there
are many high and low-level
walks through & around the
wonderful Hope Valley.
All year round Peak Activities Ltd's
staf can be booked to organise and
guide circular & linear led-walks
to suit the preferences of groups
old & young. From our conveniently
located Hathersage base you can
trek over high scenic crags or
enjoy easy linear walks through
woodlands or along lakes & riversides.
Walks for groups can include
quizzes, team problems & treasure hunts.
Those along the rivers are particularly
enjoyable for parties requiring easy
team building events...and
orienteering & gorge walking
sessions are particularly popular
as a means of getting people to
get to know each other quickly.
Map & Compass / Navigation Tuition
is also possible with our friendly
and experienced instructors & guides.
For example if you want to teach your
party how to use a GPS as well as a
SILVA type compass, we'll be glad
to set up a suitable event for your group.



Above : the edge of the spectacularly wild
Kinder Scout plateau, taken on a led-walk
and navigation training event run for members
of the Backpackers Club way back in 1981.
Our staff are very experienced and will be
pleased to tailor led walks to suit the mood
and capabilities of your party.


Now you can enjoy Nordic Walking with us in the UK !
Walking with Nordic poles is all the rage over in Austria !

    ......Enjoying Nordic Walking with Peak Activities Ltd in the Peak District.....Click here to see dates and prices of our courses and weekends which are open to members of the public. Individuals will be interested in these popular weekends and mid week events.

FAQ: Iain, what exactly "Nordic Walking" ?
It's becoming all the rage with walkers over in the Alps & now it's here !
Basically Nordic Walking is a fitness craze invented in Finland that is
taking off in a really big way right across the mountains of Europe.
Although some of us who are former cross country skiing tutors have
been advocating walking witht he help of poles for a long time, the
sport of Nordic Walking per se probably took off in a big way in 1997
and is now seen as a great way to control weight and get fitter without
punishing your body too much !
Participants use a pair of extending, shock absorbing sprung ski type
poles. This enables you to walk swiftly & rhythmically whilst absorbing
some of the shocks & stresses that your knees and ankles experience
when walking without poles. It's like cross country skiing's two phase
diagonal striding without the skis on your feet !
Check out the following surprising statistics that shows that Nordic Walking
is surprisingly good for you without pushing your heart too hard....






 120 to 150

 90 %


 140 to160

 80 %


 180 to 109
 70 %


 120 to 180

 35 %
Figures here are the data for an  average12 stone person.  Source "OBSERVER"  13th March 2005
As you can tell from the figures above provided by physiologists, Nordic Walking
is a great way to get fit and to exercise and enjoy being out and about in the
countryside. By using your arms to support part of your weight so you can save
your legs a lot of work & strain when going up or downhill...and you get a workout
that involves nearly all of your body's muscles. Al your upper body muscles and
arms can be used - helping to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles too.
You burn of 46% more energy doing Nordic Walking than if you are walking
normally. Enthusiasts are claiming that it helps strengthen neck muscles and
is kinder to the knees of elderly walkers than, say, normal walking or running
because the arms take a large load off the knees. Other claims are that it can
help combat and reduce the effects of osteoporosis - although that is yet to be
proven. However, it is a fact that two prestigious health insurance companies in
Switzerland now offer discounts to their customers who regulalry work out using
Nordic Walking.
We have pairs of adjustable state-of-the-art telescopic walking poles
here imported from Austria. Phone us for more details if you want to
book some Nordic walking with us. Come over to our base Rock Lea
and try it out !
Although you may look a bit odd Nordic Walking along Oxford Street,
out here in the Peak District you'll be one of the growing numbers of
upwardly mobile people who regularly walk with poles...and even if
you don't end up with a six pack at the end of a great day out - you'll
probably have made some great new friends and covered some superb
walking countryside with them.
The Finns' fitness craze could take pole position as Number One Walking Activity !
We've tried Nordic Walking over in Europe and we think it could really catch on in
the UK 's National Parks. Anybody can have a go and it could change your life !


Caroline Jennings pictured on the Hohe Salve.
Our leader Caroline also enjoys walking 
over in the Wilderkaisergebirge, Tyrol. 
If you'd like an Austrian walking or a 
skiing holiday for your group -  call us !
We can arrange fully qualified Austrian
mountain guides for glacier trips and 
scrambles and klettersteig trips.

Peak Activities walking excursion guides include geographers, naturalists 
ecologists, keen botanists & geology teachers who have lived & worked 
locally for many years...so they know the area intimately. They can also plan 
unusual walks and treasure hunts for groups so there is always plenty to 
see and discuss.  Just phone us on 01433-650345 and discuss what dates 
you prefer and exactly what you'd like us  to arrange for your party.

Minibus support is used to enable our walking groups get to lots of unusual 
"off the beaten path" starts & finishes without worrying about having to
leave your cars in remote lonely spots where they could be broken into.
A good place to finish a walk in is one of the many isolated inns dotted 
around the area - or a walkers cafe full of character if you prefer.


A group of walkers beingled safelya cross the Bleaklow Plateau.....

The Kinder Scout & Bleaklow plateaus offer 
some of the toughest wilderness walks in the UK.





Led-walks in and around the lovely Hope Valley are an ideal way for 
mixed ability, mixed-fitness groups to have a good chat perhaps in 
between conference sessions or during a leisurely mid-week or 
weekend away in the beautiful Peak District countryside.

We can offer walking leaders for groups from as little as 4 to 40+ people
fully covered by our company's liability insurance.

Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views whilst chatting with your friends 
and team members well away from the distractions of the office.  Led-walks 
are led by our local walking guides & we can include 4x4 minibus support 
& equipment hire too.  

We also offer mixed age mixed fitness groups gentle activities such as
treqsure hunts, trailquests on cycles and orienteering.


Tailored walks with our highly experienced walking guides
can often start and finish at lovely scenic off-the-beaten track
locations. Groups can hire one our walking guides from
as little as £250-00 for a party of 10 people.
We also cater for groups wanting to try out many other more
challenging outdoor activities in this area...and other easy
options such as cycling , abseiling , easy caving, rock-climbing,
mountain biking, treasure hunts and sailing.
Booking is easy using VISA or Mastercard or SWITCH.



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ANSWER: Yes we can - subject to staff availability. 
We may need to employ extra staff for night hikes 
and guests & our guides will be using headlamps.

FAQ : What if it rains ?
click on the umbrella !




Map & Compass & GPS Tuition in the Peak Park...

More information on the many other sports we can offer group organisers...

Orienteering over the moors...a great team activity.

A Case Study - A tailored weekend event for a men's Christian fellowship...




Scrambling and easy basic rock climbing may be of interest to keen walkers.


For those wishing to advance their skills and experience levels,
we also run hillcraft & navigation, mountain rescue & scrambling 
courses for individuals and groups of enthusiasts from walking 
and climbing clubs, etc. These can be tailored to suit group 
organisers' specific needs and the group's level of fitness and 
experience. Call us on 01433-650345 for more information.

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